Custom Carved Woodwork

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Cross for Saint John's,
Cambridge, Ohio

42 inches tall, solid mahogany

The Oak Cross

36 inches tall, solid oak

Celtic Cross for the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

30 inches tall, solid mahogany

Celtic Cross for the Parkway Hills United Methodist Church, Madison, Mississippi

30 inches tall, solid mahogany

Carved Celtic Table Cross

13 inches tall, oak black walnut or mahogany $300 plus p/h

A variety of sizes, shapes and materials.

24 inch squares, mahogany. Created for the exterior of the Kinsale Tavern, 3rd Avenue between 93rd and 94th Streets, New York City

Look Ma! No miters!

Maple Mantlepiece, Private Commission

Carved Harp Decoration

Production Model designed for Folkcraft Instruments, Winsted,CT




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