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Press Release 2002

Contact: Mary Ryan

American Celtic Artist Patrick Gallagher brings a long anticipated request by his fans and collectors:
From the DGM Jewelry Design Studios, the Patrick Gallagher, Celtic Art, Ltd., Jewelry Design Collection.
This creative team brings together a combined 50 plus years of excellence.

Patrick and his unique approach to Celtic Design and carving , has made him the darling of the New York City Irish Pub owners.

Patrick's popular custom Celtic architectural designs have once again opened to astounding applause at the new O'Lunney's Times Square Pub, located on W. 46 St, NY.

Cardinal John O'Connor, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, wears a Patrick Gallagher Celtic Cross embroidered on his vestments for Saint Patrick's Day Mass, 1999

Patrick's spiritual essence is felt by numerous church and religious organizations across the nation who call on him to design for them, distinctive spiritual Celtic motifs including custom alters, crosses, etc.

Patrick Gallagher's Celtic Art and Designs are recorded and archived by the UCLA School of Art and Architecture.

The in-depth quality of Patrick's research and design skills allows his clients and private collectors to savor and participate in this timeless art form. Using modern life, modern sensibilities and modern structural material, the ancient design motifs are transformed into modern decorative solutions.

Patrick Gallagher has created an evolutionary approach joining his own unmatched Celtic design style with modern, state-of-the-art, computer sculpturing technologies. His visionary talents have brought Patrick to become a leading design innovator for computer controlled cutting technology. Architectural masterpieces, public and private, doors, colonnades, mantles, moldings in wood, stone, iron and bronze in the Celtic style are being created for today's modern castles and spiritual centers..

Patrick Gallagher is a noted lecturer and motivational speaker. Visiting universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, he leads engaging lectures and hands-on studio workshops on Celtic art and culture.

Patrick's Celtic images, created in a variety of media forms, woodcuts, sculptures, printed graphics, etc, grace thousands of private homes and have become treasured collectibles.

With untiring zeal he has made Celtic Art a contemporary phenomenon.

"The spiral motifs are symbolic of the ever-inward search for the soul and the ever-expanding universe."
Patrick Gallagher, New York Times

Selected collectors:

Morgan Llywelyn, Historical novelist, Noble Nominee
Mr. Paddy Moloney of the Grammy award winning Irish musical group, The Chieftains.
Don Henley
Mr. Cliff Robertson, Oscar award winning actor.
Mr. Sean Connery, Oscar award winning actor.
The estate of Charles Comer, Renowned Publicist

Selected notices:

"Patrick Gallagher, Celtic Artist; dedicated to preserving Celtic awareness and pride."
Annual Celtic Women's Conference, Celtic Women Intl.

"I was mesmerized. The more I looked, the more beauty and power I saw. I began to understand the stories you had been telling me. This is a very special piece of work."
Rev. John Bowers, St. John's Church, Cambridge, Ohio. Carved Celtic Cross, mahogany, private commission

"Patrick is committed to using traditional Celtic symbols but at the same time, he seeks to keep a contemporary viewpoint in his artwork."
Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas

"Celtic Artist, Patrick Gallagher, is on the cutting edge of contemporary Celtic Art. Creating only original works, each exclusive design undergoes a meticulous creation process."
Savannah Irish Festival, Georgia

"Celtic Designer and Artist Patrick Gallagher recently completed work on the new O'Lunney's Times Square Pub, designed and carved the gold leaf sign and columns of the exterior of the pub as well as the 32 foot mahogany bar inside. Gallagher topped off his design with an animated Celtic neon sign, appropriate nowhere else but in the flashy Times Square."
World of Hibernia, with exterior photo of the first O'Lunney's.

Patrick Gallagher's architectural design of the first O'Lunney's Times Square Pub interior was featured in The New York Times, Weekend Section.